Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Wierd and Wonderful

Shout out to for publishing this image.


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  2. Kia Ora Tristan,

    Well done, you worked out the correct answer. Did you enjoy doing a maths problem? I know that I love teaching maths in my own classroom so I have enjoyed seeing all the student’s working for this question. How did you manager to calculate the answer, its such a big number! You were on the right track with 1000ml being known as a one litre as well, sometimes with such big numbers it is easier to convert them to a different measurement of liquid. Do you know what the answer might be in litres?
    It’s great that you have used a photo of a cactus to add something eye catching to your post. But it is important to try and attribute image (which means the author or website who published the image gets some recognition for what they have created). You can read more about attributing images on the link below. Do you think you could comment below with the image attributes?

    Keep up the great work, I can’t wait to read more of your work soon!

    Blog ya later,

  3. Kia Ora Tristan,

    Well done on yet another great blog post.I have absolutely no feedback because your posts are just great.

    Keep up the great work,Kaya