Thursday, August 31, 2017

What are Idioms ?

In my learning group we are learning to understand idioms and their meanings. What I found hard about these idioms is that I didn't understand what they mean't and what they are.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Money on your mind !

Last week I was learning about how important it is to read instructions properly and to look at the key in graphs.

Here are a few problems I worked on. It is important that I look at the key because it will help you to get your answers correct.

                  Money Made at the Garage Sale
Key: =  $ 6

How much money was made on Tuesday?   $ 27
How much more money was made on Wednesday?   $6

How much more money was made on Monday than Thursday?   $12

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Best Days Of My Life !

The Best Days Of My Life !

WALT improve our writing by carefully checking our sentences and trying to add descriptive language. My next step is to put more descriptive language in my writing to build my vocabulary. I will keep taking risks.

In the holidays my brothers, dad and I stayed home while my mum was in dunedin for 3 days. She went with Mrs Paraha, Mrs Simeon and mums best friend Stacey. On the first day we went to Kerikeri because my dad had to go to the warehouse to get some pants. We always like going there because there’s more things that people will want to buy. Next we went to pizza hut and the best thing that we liked was having a box of pizza to ourselves, it was so delicious.I was happy it  felt like it was my birthday.

For three days while mum was gone we played playstation. That’s what was really exciting because we haven’t been playing playstation for a while, so yeah that was cool. Chace and Hilton always liked playing their favourite games which I found boring. Because I didn’t like their games.They didn’t do much on their games they only mucked around with their characters. They didn’t do missions or nothing only running around and smashing things like nobody's business.

After that I put my favourite game on I was like “finally it’s my turn”, Chace and Hilton always said that my game sucks, but when they were bored they ran into the bedroom and played around in there. I was so excited that it was my turn because I can stay on it longer.  Later on Chace walked out and looked at the time he said, “your turn is way up” I turned to him and said not even” “yes”  “fine” we argued. I saved my game and gave the controler to him, he was so happy after that.

Hilton came out  I asked, “what are you doing Hilton”  “nothing” so he walked to the fridge seeing if he could find something to eat or drink. I sat on the couch watching Chace play his game. I keep telling him over and over and over to do some missions but my dad keep telling me“let him play his own game” “But it’s boring just watching him do nothing!”. When it became dark we had to put the playstation away Chace and Hilton were moaning because they wanted to play on it a bit longer . I think that was the best 3 days without my mum in my life, I wish it could happen again.