Friday, June 14, 2019


Manu Korero

We went to the manu korero at Northland college. It was a very good experience to watch how they were all so confident and used alot of expression. I used a website called befunky to create a poster that showed our school going to the manu korero. Befunky is a site that you create a template, put a image in then colour it if you want.


Manu Korero at Northland college

Manu Korero

On Friday afternoon at school, getting on the bus, driving to Northland college.
My class went to Manu korero at Northland college.
We went to see everyone from different schools participating in the manu korero.
Every student who participated needed to choose a subject to talk about (IMPROMPTU).
As we were walking into the basketball court where they had the stage for the speakers to

We went to go find our seats to watch,
the sooner I walked into the doorway the first speaker was talking.
As we sat down into our seats we watched all the speakers from different schools.
Poshy Ngawati, I reckon she was one of the top speakers because how she stood up on stage
with confidence, expression and was a very fluent speaker #moari speakers.
Their were more speakers who stood out but I couldn’t remember the names.

Later on as the time goes by, we have been sitting for at least 3 to 4 hours long.
I was looking around at the camera people on each side of the room.
FINALLY IT WAS LUNCH TIME obviously this was between 3 to 4 hours.
After the break that we had to watch more and MORE AND MORE !!!! It was getting boring at
times but I still watched it all. But when this girl stood up on stage and started talking she
sounded like she was about to cry but she didn’t (no offence) she did good.

Finally we waited for the bus so we can go back to school.
I said “FINALLY, YAY”  my class jumped on and headed back to school.
What I enjoyed about the day was watching all the students from different colleges standing to
talk about a subject, especially the ones who were talking in maori.  


My cybersmart task is to know "whats the difference between private and public information". Public info, you can share anything like a photo or name. But private info, you dont share your full name, address, phone number or your username. If you share a photo of yourself and you share it to your friend as long as it dosent have any personal info on it, it's ok to share online. You must always be positive not negative when commenting to other people. Bystanders are people who will just let it continue to happen. Upstanders will put a stop to it but will also put positive comments onto there post so they know whats it like to be negative or positive. I have learnt not to let anyone know my online username escpecially when playing online games #Fortnite and not to put in my email address when logging into a site that I know will get me into trouble or danger of someone knowing my location.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019


Hello Isaac, my name is Tristan and I go to Tautoro school. I really liked your presentation of your technology. Did you know that I go to the same school on Fridays. We make sausage rolls, pancakes and more. What did you actually make like what food did you make.