Tuesday, August 27, 2019


This is our learning for writing #Te reo maori


Hi Hawaiki, my name is Tristan and I go to Tautoro school. You have a great piece of writing but what you can improve on is your puncuation, putting in fullstops, commas and captial letters in the right place. And it's "My family and I". Apart from that keep it up just so you improve more.

Thursday, August 1, 2019



WALT: write a narrative piece of writing.
Rendered Image
Once upon a time there were two young people name Jason and Amelia.
Running for their lives through the dark forest they call it  the “SCREAMING FOREST.”
As their running they can hear voices “whispering” Amelia was running.
She stopped, and started to hallucinate. She looked at Jason who looked at her and tried to get
her out of her hallucination.

She looked at the man and what she saw was very, very weird.
She saw him as a SCARY SHADOW HOLDING A SYCTHE walking up to her in a creepy way.
SHE STARTED SCREAMING but eventually she snapped out of it as soon as he grabbed
her face and swung her around. Jason was shouting “HURRY, WE GOT TO GO” she got up,
snapped out and ran again with her partner. They made it to a bridge, on the other side was a
GIANT HOLDING A MACE (It’s like a club with a spiked metal ball).  

Jason ran straight up to the giant with no fear and pulls out his sword,
rushing so fast with super speed, JUMPED holding his sword up AND STABBED HIM IN
THE CHEST BUT the giant pulled the sword out and grabbed the man and through him
back over to Amelia. Then Amelia showed off her karate moves, jumped up and threw small
knives at the giant. The giant stopped. HE PICKED HIS MACE UP AND TRIED HITTING
THEM, throwing his mace around, SMASH, SMASH (sound affects).

After awhile trying to kill the giant they finally found his weak spot was behind his head.
Jason grabbed his knife and stabbed it behind his head and it turned to dust.”Puff”.
They finally walked across the bridge and guess what there was a village full of their people.
They had relief that everything about that day was running but what were they running from,
well let me tell you. 

They were running from a horde of men terrorising their house.
So they ran away and never came back. Now at the village where they can be safe from
evil within. But did you notice, how could the bridge hold the giant ? because usually a
massive giant will break the bridge in one step. (Mystery) What is on that bridge that makes
it a mystery and there's also something beyond the village ?