Wednesday, June 28, 2017


In my learning group we are learning to understand idioms and their meanings. What I found hard about these idioms is that I didn't understand what they mean't and what they are.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Let's Dance Everyone

In our class we have been learning about dance, the dance that we need to work to is body awareness and space.  What I like about this dance is we can do any moves like the moonwalk and growing up and down, what we are dancing to is e - waste.   Here are some videos and pictures of us.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Watch out everybody the new fidget spinners have came out !

I am learning to use a variety of sentence types,simple,compound and complex. What I found easy was creating a recount on what you did in the weekend and using the sentences.
My next step is don't keep using the same words in my stories that I write and put more interesting words.
There I was, staring outside imagining things while we were driving to Kerikeri. Are we there yet because  this ride is taking forever”.We were just sitting there like sloths slobbing around looking at the birds flying in the sky. We were going to order some pizza for dinner, well we were waiting we went into the shop next door to us. Chace was first to go in there, we were looking around. My mum looked on the counter, she asked me to come over to have a look at the fidget spinners. “How much are they,” I asked” they’re 18 dollars. “ I was like, “18 dollars that’s expensive even I can’t afford it!”.

Later on we went out waiting for the pizzas, they only took like a half & hour or so. As we were going to The Warehouse, I could smell the delicious pizza. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off it. It was like I was staring at gold. “My precious”, I was like smeagol on the hobbit movie.  When we arrived we all jumped out of the car except Hilton because he was taking forever to get out.

I was walking around in the shop looking at things that were on sale, Chace and Hilton went over to where the Lego were. I was having a look at the movies and the games. I went over to Chace and said, “Chace, you should come and have a look at this.” Why?” he asked. “Just come” I replied. So we went over there and had a look at what I was going to show him. “Here it is”. He had look “pretty cool right” I said. “That’s not cool that’s lame” he said. “Hahaha” I laughed. It was the Boss Baby movie. As we were leaving we went to the front desk to ask for our fidget spinners.

Finally we were going back home to enjoy our delicious pizzas and play playstation for the rest of the day. I will never forget that day when eating that delicious pizza and playing with our new fidget spinners.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Simple,compound and complex sentences

I have been learning about 3 different sentences. This will help me in my writing and proof - reading skills. I had to make a digital learning object to show others what I have learned. What I have found hard was the tool that I was using took forever but I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Te reo Maori

This week I have been learning to read words in te reo maori. I was finding this difficult because I didn't know what the words mean't that's why I got help from my friend Sweyde.


This week I have been learning to read coordinate grids. What I found hard was I didn't know what is was in the first place but then I was getting the hang of it because I got help from my brother and some others. I think everyone was successful because they all knew what coordinate grids were.