Monday, December 11, 2017


WALT use location words for our sentences, the sentences we based our location words on were about 3 Dinosaurs travelling around the world. There is a T-rex, Spinosaurus and a Pterodactyl. Hope you enjoy and there were a little bit of giggling so ignore that.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


WALT know about fossils and how they become fossils.
We were drawing pictures that we were visualising in our head by looking at the words and think about those words we read. These pictures that we drew was supposed to show 3 things, it had to be something dead like a animal and we needed the dead animal to be buried underground because we were looking at fossils. What happens is that when the organism dies it gets buried underground and overtime the skin and flesh starts peeling off and turns into a skeleton. 

Friday, December 1, 2017


WALT investigate on what sugary drinks can do to our bodies and find out why they are harmful.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


WALT understand the basics of business.
To be successful we will:

Lists our costs and expenses

Know how many services/products we will see before we begin to make a profit

Students: Tristan, Chace, Ricci and Andy
Product/service   Recycled Hanging Baskets
T - Shirts
$0.00 (From home)
Strawberry plants
$1.80 each  (The Warehouse) x9  =  $16.20
Total costs

Expenses (one off and on going)
Poster made out of cardboard.


Total expense

Income (money that people will pay)

Per product

How much I expect to sell 9
Amount $45.00

I sell each product for  $ 5.00. To make a profit I must sell at least 5 of the hanging baskets

If we sell all nine baskets we will make a profit of $23.80.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Beware You Could Become Someone You Don’t Want to Be

In class we have been learning about how sugar drinks can be harmful to our bodies. The hard part about this learning tool was I didn't know how to put it on my blog so I got my friend to come and help me get it on my blog and it worked.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


I am learning to make a profit by advertising our product to get people interested of what we have made by hand. 
How we are going to do that is by making a video as a example of advertising.
The hardest thing that had taken time was I didn't know how to use this tool, It was new for me but I still made a video and here it is. Hope you enjoy

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Science is fun!

In my class I am doing a science experiment.
Are sugary and diet drinks harmful to our bodies ?

My hypothesis is I think that the egg shell will peel off from the drinks except water. What happened was that the egg that was in the red bull drink had completely peeled almost the whole shell off.

The E2 drink did the same but less shell peeled off and it was more green. The reaction from those drinks were pretty cool but the colour and how it looked was ugly and horrible, it even smelled bad. We will observe changes for a few days. We will found out what drinks are can be acidic or neutral.

Friday, November 3, 2017


This is my writing assessment. I am learning to write correct simple, compound and complex sentences and proof read my writing.

I think I am good at using simple and compound sentences.
My next step is to use more complex sentences in my writing assessment to make my scores higher.

I think sports is more important than music because sports can be a better lifestyle.
Agree to disagree ?

First reason why I think sports is more important is nagging and slouching. Sports is good and healthy for you, you know why ? Because every time your playing sports it keeps your body moving. For an example,  if you played soccer, that game is supposed to move your legs by running and kicking. If you were listening to music you would be lazy because you're so into music that you don’t want to do anything or move anywhere. So for you I reckon that you need to put your device away and get moving.

Second reason why I think sports is more important than music is to lose those devices. Music can be a habit to almost the whole world, especially america. They have all of the gadgets. But sports is everywhere in the world, you can play it at anytime. Music maybe sometimes. What I want and to you, is don’t hear what other people are saying to go ahead, and listen to all those new boring songs. Go ahead and play a sport just so you know what it feels like being out there with friends.

Last reason why I think sports is more important that music is what they all mean.Sports and music all mean something like music is relaxing but sports is more movement. So if you're willing to take music than go with it. I’m just saying we should all play sport just like other people will. I know most of you will rather go with music but that’s not the case. What i’m trying to say is play a sport it’s good for you and your lifestyle when you’re a grown up.

In summary, I think that sports is more important than music because it gives you a better lifestyle. Do you agree to disagree ? Sports means everything to all of you so am I but i’m willing to say stop listening to that appalling music and let’s play sports !

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Reading - I love it

I am showing my reading fluency
To be successful I will:
  • Pause at commas
  • Stop at full stops
  • Sound natural (not like a robot)
  • Adjust my reading speed when I come  to difficult words
  • Use expression

When I listen to my reading I know that I am good at ready with fluency and sounding natural. I need to pause at commas while i'm reading. To improve pause at the commas and use expression.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Rough Riders (Western Styles)

WALT know the movie making process. I know that I was successful because I was a confident actor, I had an ascent and all my friends were confident. 

What I found easy was that we all played our parts in the movie and some muck around happened but at least we got it done.  Thanks to my mum that helped with the prop making and the script writing and my friends that joined in with our movie.

What I found hard was I couldn't stop laughing at some of my friends acting but I knew that I shouldn't of had laughed because that was wasting most of my time. Lucky that I got it done in time. Here is my video and I hope you enjoy. leave a comment.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

9 Parts Of Speech

WALT know the 9 parts of speech. What I easy was that I learnt a poem about 9 parts of speech and I knew what they all were by looking at them. This here is what I have been learning to do in my class so I have created this on a google slides to help me know what the 9 parts of speech is. Also I have put in 2 examples on all of the slides to help too so I hope you learn something off this and leave a comment.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What would you do if you were working in a sweatshop ?

In my class we had to write a recount from the perspective (view) of a child working in a sweatshop. I chose to be a kid working in a clothing factory.

I was learning to use descriptive words and phrases to enhance the mood of fear or sadness.
I was successful because I got it done in time and I used descriptive language in my writing.
What I found easy was I knew what to right because it was all about the mood of sadness.

A Day At The Clothing Factory
On a early Monday morning I got out of bed and went to work. It was so dark I couldn’t see properly. I was so tired that I really wanted to go back to sleep but my boss wouldn’t let me. I had to stay up during the day.
Afterwards my boss came to see what the children were doing I was sewing clothes while everybody else was doing the same thing.  Nine hours later, I could smell all the nasty fumes going past me in the factory. I couldn’t stand it. I felt like I was going to faint. The other children that were in there looked sad and dirty. Kids: were wearing dirty clothing, some kids didn’t even had t - shirts or shoes just like me. When the buzzer rung all I had to eat was a bowl of rice. I only sat their for like three minutes and didn’t have time to eat my bowl of rice. So I had to hurry and shoved my rice in my face before my boss sees me.
At 11:00 pm I couldn’t stay here much longer I just needed to go outside to get some fresh air but instead of going out there I had to stay in and smell the fumes. Sew clothing and shoes,  It was tiring I just couldn’t handle those fumes.
Hours later it was almost time for me to go and have a rest.  “I don’t want to work. It’s just too hard”. Shang Wu said“But that’s the only thing you can do i’m afraid unless you have a better idea”. I replied“Huh so I guess I just have to stay here until my work is over?”.
Finally it was 8:00pm. When I walked out of the factory I finally got to have some fresh air and have some rest. “It is 8:00 pm I can finally go home to sleep”. I am so exhausted after working so hard in that factory. I want a good rest after sewing all those clothes. I couldn’t want anything more than having a good night sleep.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

What are Idioms ?

In my learning group we are learning to understand idioms and their meanings. What I found hard about these idioms is that I didn't understand what they mean't and what they are.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Money on your mind !

Last week I was learning about how important it is to read instructions properly and to look at the key in graphs.

Here are a few problems I worked on. It is important that I look at the key because it will help you to get your answers correct.

                  Money Made at the Garage Sale
Key: =  $ 6

How much money was made on Tuesday?   $ 27
How much more money was made on Wednesday?   $6

How much more money was made on Monday than Thursday?   $12

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Best Days Of My Life !

The Best Days Of My Life !

WALT improve our writing by carefully checking our sentences and trying to add descriptive language. My next step is to put more descriptive language in my writing to build my vocabulary. I will keep taking risks.

In the holidays my brothers, dad and I stayed home while my mum was in dunedin for 3 days. She went with Mrs Paraha, Mrs Simeon and mums best friend Stacey. On the first day we went to Kerikeri because my dad had to go to the warehouse to get some pants. We always like going there because there’s more things that people will want to buy. Next we went to pizza hut and the best thing that we liked was having a box of pizza to ourselves, it was so delicious.I was happy it  felt like it was my birthday.

For three days while mum was gone we played playstation. That’s what was really exciting because we haven’t been playing playstation for a while, so yeah that was cool. Chace and Hilton always liked playing their favourite games which I found boring. Because I didn’t like their games.They didn’t do much on their games they only mucked around with their characters. They didn’t do missions or nothing only running around and smashing things like nobody's business.

After that I put my favourite game on I was like “finally it’s my turn”, Chace and Hilton always said that my game sucks, but when they were bored they ran into the bedroom and played around in there. I was so excited that it was my turn because I can stay on it longer.  Later on Chace walked out and looked at the time he said, “your turn is way up” I turned to him and said not even” “yes”  “fine” we argued. I saved my game and gave the controler to him, he was so happy after that.

Hilton came out  I asked, “what are you doing Hilton”  “nothing” so he walked to the fridge seeing if he could find something to eat or drink. I sat on the couch watching Chace play his game. I keep telling him over and over and over to do some missions but my dad keep telling me“let him play his own game” “But it’s boring just watching him do nothing!”. When it became dark we had to put the playstation away Chace and Hilton were moaning because they wanted to play on it a bit longer . I think that was the best 3 days without my mum in my life, I wish it could happen again.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Toxic Gadgets

W.A.L.T use write cause and effect sentences.
I have been learning to put cause and effect sentences into my sentences I have done.

E waste is toxic a problem. People have a lot of electronics that become obsolete, that’s why everyone want’s to buy the new gadgets only because the electronics that they have are becoming out of fashion and useless to use. For an example, there are new gadgets like samsung s8’s and playstations that are made from toxic materials.As a result, the amount of e-waste that is spreading all over the world is filling up the landfill and causing big problems.

E waste production is a toxic problem. Did you know that electronics are given bad toxics to them? Because of this, the toxic materials that the Electronics are made of are killing people and the workers who create the electronic devices.

I was successful because I can see my cause and effect sentences. I even put my capital letters and fullstops in the right place.
Here is a presentation of us dismantling computers.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


In my learning group we are learning to understand idioms and their meanings. What I found hard about these idioms is that I didn't understand what they mean't and what they are.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Let's Dance Everyone

In our class we have been learning about dance, the dance that we need to work to is body awareness and space.  What I like about this dance is we can do any moves like the moonwalk and growing up and down, what we are dancing to is e - waste.   Here are some videos and pictures of us.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Watch out everybody the new fidget spinners have came out !

I am learning to use a variety of sentence types,simple,compound and complex. What I found easy was creating a recount on what you did in the weekend and using the sentences.
My next step is don't keep using the same words in my stories that I write and put more interesting words.
There I was, staring outside imagining things while we were driving to Kerikeri. Are we there yet because  this ride is taking forever”.We were just sitting there like sloths slobbing around looking at the birds flying in the sky. We were going to order some pizza for dinner, well we were waiting we went into the shop next door to us. Chace was first to go in there, we were looking around. My mum looked on the counter, she asked me to come over to have a look at the fidget spinners. “How much are they,” I asked” they’re 18 dollars. “ I was like, “18 dollars that’s expensive even I can’t afford it!”.

Later on we went out waiting for the pizzas, they only took like a half & hour or so. As we were going to The Warehouse, I could smell the delicious pizza. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off it. It was like I was staring at gold. “My precious”, I was like smeagol on the hobbit movie.  When we arrived we all jumped out of the car except Hilton because he was taking forever to get out.

I was walking around in the shop looking at things that were on sale, Chace and Hilton went over to where the Lego were. I was having a look at the movies and the games. I went over to Chace and said, “Chace, you should come and have a look at this.” Why?” he asked. “Just come” I replied. So we went over there and had a look at what I was going to show him. “Here it is”. He had look “pretty cool right” I said. “That’s not cool that’s lame” he said. “Hahaha” I laughed. It was the Boss Baby movie. As we were leaving we went to the front desk to ask for our fidget spinners.

Finally we were going back home to enjoy our delicious pizzas and play playstation for the rest of the day. I will never forget that day when eating that delicious pizza and playing with our new fidget spinners.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Simple,compound and complex sentences

I have been learning about 3 different sentences. This will help me in my writing and proof - reading skills. I had to make a digital learning object to show others what I have learned. What I have found hard was the tool that I was using took forever but I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Te reo Maori

This week I have been learning to read words in te reo maori. I was finding this difficult because I didn't know what the words mean't that's why I got help from my friend Sweyde.


This week I have been learning to read coordinate grids. What I found hard was I didn't know what is was in the first place but then I was getting the hang of it because I got help from my brother and some others. I think everyone was successful because they all knew what coordinate grids were.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Do I sound interesting or not ?

I am learning to read with fluency and expression.
I know I was successful because I changed the sound of my voice and I was talking clearly and loudly.

Friday, May 19, 2017


This week I have been reading Boy vs Beast battle of the mega - mutants and have made a book review about it.

This week I have been reading Boy vs Beast battle of the mega - mutants. The author that wrote this book was Mac Park. This is a fiction book.

This book is about a boy named Captain Kai and his friend Ying Li. They went into the mud lands to go and fought beasts with their pets. Captain Kai took a robot suit and his friend took a jet plane to fight them, their pets were a robot dog and a robot cat. The beasts that they were fighting were flying toxic jellyfish and rock bombing hawks. What if they were real that will be really freaky right?

My favourite part of this book is when Kai and his friend fight the the mega mutant, it is the biggest mutant if you haven’t read it. Then him, his friend and their pets all went off happily until it’s starts all over again in the next chapter book. I recommend this book for boys.

Have you been reading this book ?
Image result for boy vs beast battle of the mega mutants

Friday, May 12, 2017


This is what I was learning this week WALT add detail to support the mood/feeling we are trying to create.
To be successful I will:
  • Choose ideas that we can add more information for our reader (feeling, thoughts, what we saw)
  • Add interesting adjectives and verbs
  • Use language features such as hyperbole, rhetorical questions, simile, metaphor, repetition
I think I was successful because I had repetition and similes in my writing.

I still need to learn to make short sentences that make sense instead of going on and on about what happened.

This is a mysterious story and it can go on and on until you get to the best parts where it get's really good and really bad . Warning this story recommends ages 10 - 14 and it has violence that may disturb the peace of the little kids up to 5 years. So sit down and have some popcorn and a drink of L&P and enjoy reading the story.

On a nice sunny day my parents, my brothers and I went to whangarei in the holidays and here is what happened.
“Can we go to the Arthurs emporium mum” asked Chace “ok” mum said. So we were driving to the Arthurs emporium and when we arrived we got out of the car I wanted to buy something but I didn’t know what it was so I kept thinking while I was walking around looking at everything that was in there. Later on my mum wanted to stay there for a little bit so Chace walked around until he saw some kites it was a shape as a jet. My mum was looking for some pieces for here humpty dumpty that she wanted to make, I went bored because the shop was lame only Chace and my mum liked it. I wasn’t sure if Hilton or my dad liked it.

I asked my dad, ”Dad, can we go now ? This is boring. I want to go to Kmart. ” he said ”just wait for your mother” so I was wondering around like a sloth. My arms were swinging backwards and forwards just like a swing. Next minute I continued to look around at things while my mum was grabbing pieces for her humpty dumpty that she was going to make. After that we all hopped in the car I moaned “FINALLY LET’S Go !” I was so sick and tired of my brothers because they kept on talking  and talking and talking and talking. That’s when I felt really angry at them because I didn’t want to listen to those two I said “SHUSH!” they both stopped straight away. So we drove to Kmart I said “everytime we come in the doorway I always smell pizza but there is no pizza in here”. I really wished that there were actually real pizza in there, “Now that would be cool right”.

Afterwards we were searching for something to buy so Chace and I went to where the sports equipment was, while Hilton was with mum and dad. Chace and I were walking around in circles until we lost the others then we started to wonder where they were so we went around in the shop looking for them.

There was no sign of them so Chace and I split up and went around the shop until we found each other. Finally we saw Hilton coming towards us and  asked “we were looking for you guys”, “we were looking for you guys too”. That day wasn’t what I was expecting but I did have fun especially when Chace and I were running around in kmart that was cool actually because we were looking for them but we didn’t find them until we were leaving. The end of the story of darkness.