Tuesday, November 28, 2017


WALT understand the basics of business.
To be successful we will:

Lists our costs and expenses

Know how many services/products we will see before we begin to make a profit

Students: Tristan, Chace, Ricci and Andy
Product/service   Recycled Hanging Baskets
T - Shirts
$0.00 (From home)
Strawberry plants
$1.80 each  (The Warehouse) x9  =  $16.20
Total costs

Expenses (one off and on going)
Poster made out of cardboard.


Total expense

Income (money that people will pay)

Per product

How much I expect to sell 9
Amount $45.00

I sell each product for  $ 5.00. To make a profit I must sell at least 5 of the hanging baskets

If we sell all nine baskets we will make a profit of $23.80.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Beware You Could Become Someone You Don’t Want to Be

In class we have been learning about how sugar drinks can be harmful to our bodies. The hard part about this learning tool was I didn't know how to put it on my blog so I got my friend to come and help me get it on my blog and it worked.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


I am learning to make a profit by advertising our product to get people interested of what we have made by hand. 
How we are going to do that is by making a video as a example of advertising.
The hardest thing that had taken time was I didn't know how to use this tool, It was new for me but I still made a video and here it is. Hope you enjoy

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Science is fun!

In my class I am doing a science experiment.
Are sugary and diet drinks harmful to our bodies ?

My hypothesis is I think that the egg shell will peel off from the drinks except water. What happened was that the egg that was in the red bull drink had completely peeled almost the whole shell off.

The E2 drink did the same but less shell peeled off and it was more green. The reaction from those drinks were pretty cool but the colour and how it looked was ugly and horrible, it even smelled bad. We will observe changes for a few days. We will found out what drinks are can be acidic or neutral.

Friday, November 3, 2017


This is my writing assessment. I am learning to write correct simple, compound and complex sentences and proof read my writing.

I think I am good at using simple and compound sentences.
My next step is to use more complex sentences in my writing assessment to make my scores higher.

I think sports is more important than music because sports can be a better lifestyle.
Agree to disagree ?

First reason why I think sports is more important is nagging and slouching. Sports is good and healthy for you, you know why ? Because every time your playing sports it keeps your body moving. For an example,  if you played soccer, that game is supposed to move your legs by running and kicking. If you were listening to music you would be lazy because you're so into music that you don’t want to do anything or move anywhere. So for you I reckon that you need to put your device away and get moving.

Second reason why I think sports is more important than music is to lose those devices. Music can be a habit to almost the whole world, especially america. They have all of the gadgets. But sports is everywhere in the world, you can play it at anytime. Music maybe sometimes. What I want and to you, is don’t hear what other people are saying to go ahead, and listen to all those new boring songs. Go ahead and play a sport just so you know what it feels like being out there with friends.

Last reason why I think sports is more important that music is what they all mean.Sports and music all mean something like music is relaxing but sports is more movement. So if you're willing to take music than go with it. I’m just saying we should all play sport just like other people will. I know most of you will rather go with music but that’s not the case. What i’m trying to say is play a sport it’s good for you and your lifestyle when you’re a grown up.

In summary, I think that sports is more important than music because it gives you a better lifestyle. Do you agree to disagree ? Sports means everything to all of you so am I but i’m willing to say stop listening to that appalling music and let’s play sports !