Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Toxic Gadgets

W.A.L.T use write cause and effect sentences.
I have been learning to put cause and effect sentences into my sentences I have done.

E waste is toxic a problem. People have a lot of electronics that become obsolete, that’s why everyone want’s to buy the new gadgets only because the electronics that they have are becoming out of fashion and useless to use. For an example, there are new gadgets like samsung s8’s and playstations that are made from toxic materials.As a result, the amount of e-waste that is spreading all over the world is filling up the landfill and causing big problems.

E waste production is a toxic problem. Did you know that electronics are given bad toxics to them? Because of this, the toxic materials that the Electronics are made of are killing people and the workers who create the electronic devices.

I was successful because I can see my cause and effect sentences. I even put my capital letters and fullstops in the right place.
Here is a presentation of us dismantling computers.