Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bike Accident .Draft 2 what I need to work on. I need to work on is using a variety of interesting words and phrases in my story

At home I fell off my bike

On Sunday I was getting my bike because I was going to 6 laps from our house to our auntys house. Then my brother wanted to race me to the white house.
So we were getting ourselves ready to race we grabbed our helmets and we put them on our heads.

Next we were getting on our bikes. Then my brother came over to us. He was the one who said on your marks get set and go so my foot quickly leaped off the ground and went onto the pedals and I quickly spun my legs around. My legs were spinning as fast as a wheel on a car going down a hill. It was so freaky. I thought my legs will get chopped off by the chain spinning. I was so fast that I couldn't stop. I pressed the brakes down as hard as I could. And I just stopped before I went of the kerb.
/So I went for it but something really bad happened I was turning the corner  then I went to the next corner and guess what happened? the back wheel slid and it bumped the barn and the wheel came off so my dad had to fix it up for me so I can ride it again.

Later on I looked down. Blood was pouring out my knee like a red river. My mum and I hurried to the tap at my Nan’s house. Then I jogged back home to get a bandage it was really sore I felt like my leg was gonna fall off.

Finally I had some dinner it was delicious it was pork bone with potato and kumara. After that I went for a good night sleep. On that day I learn’t not to go to fast on my bike again.