Friday, October 21, 2016

My Hilarious Birthday

This is my recount that I have been working on. I was learning to put more talking and putting adverbs into my story will be interesting for my readers.

My Birthday

On Wednesday My brothers, My parents and I were going to Whangarei because it was my birthday. I was so excited to go to Whangarei because I haven't really been there before. After driving for about half and hour we were almost in Kawakawa I like going to Kawakawa because they have 3 bridges and 2 of them are really fun because it feels like butterflies tickling your tummy when you go fast.

Gloomily I wished that we were rich so we can by a lot of stuff such as cars, clothes anything you want. After we were coming in towards the traffic where a lot of cars were.A few minutes later we were stuck in the traffic waiting for the red light to turn green. Impatiently I was like” Oh! come on already”. It was taking so long that I felt like I didn’t want to go anywhere.The red light finally switched to green light my brothers were relieved that the light finally changed. So we went to Rebel Sports first to see if we can find some new pare of shoes.

I wasn’t really interested of finding shoes so I went to Chace because it look like he found a game I didn’t know what it was so I asked him “what’s this game?” I think it’s soccer i’m sure,” CHace replied. Happily,  we grabbed a little ball that could fit just right and put it in the middle of the table. We couldn’t find a pare so we headed off to Kmart. “I always remembered the smell in there it smells like pizza which is my favourite”. Later on we were walking to The Warehouse I like this warehouse because it’s really big and it has more stuff inside.

When we were walking around I was getting sore legs I was slowing down I told mum”mum my legs are so sore”, she replied”go sit down somewhere” but I want to catch up with you”, I asked. So we went around while my brothers were looking at toys and stuff they even grabbed some water guns. We went for lunch I really like Burger King because they have the best burgers.

Who likes Burger Kings burgers?  Because I do and i’m sure you guys will too. Even though my mum and Hilton had KFC’s for their lunch. Finally we were driving back home mum said that when we get back where aloud to have playstation for the rest of the day. That day was the coolest because I like when we had Playstation at the end of the day. The End

Friday, October 14, 2016

My poem

Here is my poem. I was learning to create my own poem and showing assonance.  
My next step is to learn about alliteration and include it in my poems.