Wednesday, March 28, 2018


WALT: use shortcuts keys to work smarter.
To be successful I will:

  • create a DLO sharing at least one top tip.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


WALT write an explanation story.
To be successful I will:
  • Have a title
  • Definition
  • Description
  • Conclusion
Title: What is kindness ?

Definition: Kindness is something that you feel or give to someone else.
Kindness is also being friendly to other people and saying positive comments and
showing manaakitanga. It is also a thing that everyone should do to other people is by
showing kindness and support people in need.

Description: Kindness is used when your talking to people and and doing things outdoors or
indoors. Kindness is also used when giving friendship to somebody.
How it works is by saying nice comments to people or playing nicely and trying to make friends.
When you are showing kindness you are not doing things that will hurt anyone or hurt their
feelings. You do things that's to make people feel happiness and secure at where they are.

Conclusion/summary: In summary kindness is important because your showing most of the
waka hoe values which are Aroha, manaakitanga and whanaungatanga.
You can be a kind person if you use these waka hoe values.
For instance, bullies - we can show those bullies to be more kind to other people instead
of beating people up, so please show kindness and care for others.


WALT write an explanation story.

How to be a Bucket Filler ?

If you had a bucket which holds good thoughts everyday that is a good start to the day.
To fill peoples bucket you need to give positive comments about them or about something,
show respect to them, play with them to get to know them and never leave them by themselves.

Even when you fill your own bucket you want to talk to people so they can talk back and become

It is used to make people feel great about themselves
and feeling comfortable about being beside other students talking to each other.

It works by giving people good comments and showing kindness to each other,
like saying “hey want to play with me”  if you are being a bully you are emptying other peoples
buckets and that's called bucket dipper.

Bucket filling is important because
it makes people feel at home or confident about the days events and being next to other kids.
As a result people need to be more kind to others and never EVER be a bucket dipper
it’s just wrong. So please be a bucket filler.


WALT write an explanation.
To be successful I will:
  • have a introduction
  • What it is ?
  • What's it used for ?
  • How it works ?
  • Conclusion

What is Friendship ?
Friendship is a good feeling you give to someone like your friends. Friendship is like being a good trusted friend towards others. Being a good friend means a lot to other students, because it’s just like showing respect to them.

How does it work ?
How friendship works is by being good to people, talk, play, help. Everyone enjoys having good friends beside them especially if someone wants a friend to stick beside so they don’t feel all alone. So as a result being a good and caring friend, people will like to be around you because they know that you are trusted to do things with them. They will know your helpful to others even when they don’t know what to do with their work.

They also know that you are caring for one another. If you want to be a bully or swear at people know one and I mean know one is going to be your friend, there's just know chance. Because people are going to know that your being mean to people. That goes towards the parents as well, if they can see that their son is getting bullied then what should they do. To me I am really concerned on what they’re going to actually do.

In conclusion, friendship is a good feeling to give to someone. Everyone will want to be your friend if you are kind to them.  If you show manaakitanga to people. Help each other to get your work done in time. Never let someone suffer all by themselves getting bullied. We want to help out, give them a hand and say”here let me help you. Let’s show friendship to everyone out there. Always be a good friend. Thank you.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


WALT: work intelligently to solve difficult problems and knowing what electrons are.
To be successful we will: 
  • Listen and follow instructions
  • Work together 
  • Focus on what you are trying to build

Here is a group of us trying to figure out how to put this electronic set together. And this is what we came up with. Connecting from one to another. Electrons are electricity currency flowing through wires to connect to a light or object to make it turn on and off.
Here we are finished one of the sets.
Here give it a try by going on this website called Electronic simulator to test out how good you are.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


WALT: Follow Instructions
To be successful I will:
Screenshot my learning
Explain what I am doing in steps
Use the picture clues in 'scratch jr' to help me.
This is what we were trying to learn, how to code and use new apps for different things.
There's heaps of different types of backgrounds for this game. Example ⇧

Here is where I am making these animals ready to have a race and down the bottom is them racing each other and of course everyone knows who's go to win. OBVIOUS.
Please make one yourself and you can probably be pretty good at coding.