Friday, November 11, 2016

Do you like suffixes? or do you like the ninjas defeating the ancient spirit ninja. All of that stuff is in this video

Last week we have been learning suffixes and trying to make a DLO which means Digital Learning Object
that our teacher Whaea Lana has been teaching us. We have made our own video about suffixes all by ourselves and the teacher didn't need to help us. And if you have seen the Ant prank where the ones that did it. I hop you enjoy

Thursday, November 3, 2016

An lifecycle of a eel is amazing

I have been learning to summarize the text and finding out what the book is mostly about.
Pacific Paradise
Last week I read a really interesting book called Pacific Paradise and it was written by Mary campbell. This book is mostly about how an adult eels lay their eggs, These kind of eels are about 2 metres long and it weighs 21 kilograms. Isn’t that big because I bet no one has an eel that big and long. This eel is only found in New Zealand there’s only one eel that is in Australia and that is the shortfin eel. There are two main species of eel in New Zealand and one in Australia and they are the longfin eel and the shortfin eel. Did you know that the longfin eels like the fast- flowing and stony river beds, the shortfin eels like the swamps and slow- flowing coastal and lowland rivers.

Here is a lifecycle about an eel
Image result for life cycle of freshwater eels
This is what lifecycle of an eel looks like.
My favourite part about this book is the life cycle about a eel going from eggs and growing into an adult, when they grow into adults they start to spawn meaning to release eggs
Have you been reading books ? if you have then you will be smart.