Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Do I sound interesting or not ?

I am learning to read with fluency and expression.
I know I was successful because I changed the sound of my voice and I was talking clearly and loudly.

Friday, May 19, 2017


This week I have been reading Boy vs Beast battle of the mega - mutants and have made a book review about it.

This week I have been reading Boy vs Beast battle of the mega - mutants. The author that wrote this book was Mac Park. This is a fiction book.

This book is about a boy named Captain Kai and his friend Ying Li. They went into the mud lands to go and fought beasts with their pets. Captain Kai took a robot suit and his friend took a jet plane to fight them, their pets were a robot dog and a robot cat. The beasts that they were fighting were flying toxic jellyfish and rock bombing hawks. What if they were real that will be really freaky right?

My favourite part of this book is when Kai and his friend fight the the mega mutant, it is the biggest mutant if you haven’t read it. Then him, his friend and their pets all went off happily until it’s starts all over again in the next chapter book. I recommend this book for boys.

Have you been reading this book ?
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Friday, May 12, 2017


This is what I was learning this week WALT add detail to support the mood/feeling we are trying to create.
To be successful I will:
  • Choose ideas that we can add more information for our reader (feeling, thoughts, what we saw)
  • Add interesting adjectives and verbs
  • Use language features such as hyperbole, rhetorical questions, simile, metaphor, repetition
I think I was successful because I had repetition and similes in my writing.

I still need to learn to make short sentences that make sense instead of going on and on about what happened.

This is a mysterious story and it can go on and on until you get to the best parts where it get's really good and really bad . Warning this story recommends ages 10 - 14 and it has violence that may disturb the peace of the little kids up to 5 years. So sit down and have some popcorn and a drink of L&P and enjoy reading the story.

On a nice sunny day my parents, my brothers and I went to whangarei in the holidays and here is what happened.
“Can we go to the Arthurs emporium mum” asked Chace “ok” mum said. So we were driving to the Arthurs emporium and when we arrived we got out of the car I wanted to buy something but I didn’t know what it was so I kept thinking while I was walking around looking at everything that was in there. Later on my mum wanted to stay there for a little bit so Chace walked around until he saw some kites it was a shape as a jet. My mum was looking for some pieces for here humpty dumpty that she wanted to make, I went bored because the shop was lame only Chace and my mum liked it. I wasn’t sure if Hilton or my dad liked it.

I asked my dad, ”Dad, can we go now ? This is boring. I want to go to Kmart. ” he said ”just wait for your mother” so I was wondering around like a sloth. My arms were swinging backwards and forwards just like a swing. Next minute I continued to look around at things while my mum was grabbing pieces for her humpty dumpty that she was going to make. After that we all hopped in the car I moaned “FINALLY LET’S Go !” I was so sick and tired of my brothers because they kept on talking  and talking and talking and talking. That’s when I felt really angry at them because I didn’t want to listen to those two I said “SHUSH!” they both stopped straight away. So we drove to Kmart I said “everytime we come in the doorway I always smell pizza but there is no pizza in here”. I really wished that there were actually real pizza in there, “Now that would be cool right”.

Afterwards we were searching for something to buy so Chace and I went to where the sports equipment was, while Hilton was with mum and dad. Chace and I were walking around in circles until we lost the others then we started to wonder where they were so we went around in the shop looking for them.

There was no sign of them so Chace and I split up and went around the shop until we found each other. Finally we saw Hilton coming towards us and  asked “we were looking for you guys”, “we were looking for you guys too”. That day wasn’t what I was expecting but I did have fun especially when Chace and I were running around in kmart that was cool actually because we were looking for them but we didn’t find them until we were leaving. The end of the story of darkness.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My reading vocab

This week I have been  learning to expand my reading vocabulary by working with a buddy to find word meanings.