Friday, July 1, 2016

The Best Day Playing Rugby.

Monday 20th June 2016
Playing Rugby

“I am learning to add figurative language and synonyms for said into my writing

On Saturday my uncle and I went to Ohawai to play rugby. We went against Keri Red. The first thing I did was go to my coach to get a t-shirt. My coach gave me a shirt and I put it on.

Next we went onto the field to do a little bit of training and exercises until the game started. We even did a game plan, but one of our players wasn’t listening. We didn’t care we kept on going.

 The game started. We were ready for the kick off, so they kicked it off to us. We caught the ball and we ran into them like a herd of bulls. One of us knocked a boy from the opposition’s team over and he cried hard out like his arm broke.

After that, we scored three tries and they scored five. Shortly after I heard one of the Keri Red players breathing hard it’s like they were angry I was like, “holy heck” I wondered why are they breathing hard. Then they ran really hard at us some of us were crying except for me and some other players.

A few minutes later they had scored 2 more tries we only scored 1 trie. Finally it was game over the score was 7 points to 4 so we went to our coach and I took my top off and put it in the coach's bag.

Later on we went into the room where they give their player of the day awards and have something to eat. The people in the kitchen were cooking the food for us they were preparing the food on the table.

Then the the food was placed on the table. Then it was time for the player of the day awards I wasn’t that excited because anyone can get it but soon I heard one of my players say,” It’s gonna be Tristan”, In a squeaky voice. My coach told me to go up to him and shake his hand. So I got my reward from him and then I took my reward to my uncle.  I felt as tall as a sky tower. I also had a feed but I only ate a little bit.

My favourite part of that day is when I got that reward because my dad told me if you get that reward then you get 1 hour on playstation. I will never forget that day.