Wednesday, June 27, 2018


WALT: create a short clip using stop motion.
SC: I will

  • make short movements for each shot
What I discovered today was to always press capture then move it because I always seem to press capture all the time and it keeps getting my hands in the way. What worked was how you move your characters and using little steps for each shot. I found this very simple but once you make more it will get so difficult your arms will get tired like those "Disney Animations"

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Speech Critique

Today my whole classroom stood up to say there speeches. Everyone was nervous at the time we had to stand up in front of a classroom and say our speeches. When I stood up I was so nervous I felt like sitting back down because I thought I was going to muck up the whole thing but I didn't.

The real challenging part is when you have to stand in front of the teacher and the students. Everyone will look at you while your saying it so it doesn't matter if you do it or not. My speech was about "Why bullying should stop in every school around the world." I think I did alright I just needed to show more expression like really trying to get in there and let it out and more facial expression. But I think I did great actually.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


We have been learning to code.  The coding I chose was MINECRAFT.
I enjoyed playing minecraft because it's fun to play and you can add blocks to make a bridge.
It was a little challenging but I got through and my friend who was playing as well was kohl-lee.
I helped my friend get through most of the levels on this code game.
I didn't need help with anything because I had already knew how to code.
It took me 35 minutes to finish the 12 stages.  When I finished the 12 stages I got a certificate.  I took screenshots as I worked my way through the stages.  When you look at the screenshots you can see how I used blocks to create the code which made bridges and to brake down the blocks.

Thursday, June 7, 2018


WALT: Translate pakeha words into maori words. In maori we are starting off with"Where is/are and Where was/were."
Where was the table ?
I hea te tepu ?
Where was the can ?
I hea te kene ?
Where was the sheep ?
I hea te hipi ?
Where was the light ?
I hea te raiti ?
Where was the child ?
I hea te tamaiti ?
Where was the meat ?
I hea te miti ?
Where was the box ?
I hea te pouaka ?
Where was the game ?
I hea te kēmu ?
Where was the money ?
I hea te moni ?
Where was the bread ?
I hea te rewana ?


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tuesday, June 5, 2018



  • Choose a speech topic that is interesting to me
  • Research and discover supporting evidence to our topic
  • Plan our persuasive piece of writing
Success Criteria: I will
  • Think of topics that are interesting to me
  • Research and discover at least 5 facts to support my topi
  • Use the persuasive template to structure my writing