Monday, December 17, 2018

The North and South island


  1. Kia Ora Tristan,

    Ka pai on creating another great Google Slides. Did you learn how to create Google Slides at school?

    We are very lucky to have Ngawha Springs in the area, not many people can say that they live so close to geothermal pools. Have you had a chance to visit the Pioneer Village? I have been a few times and I always feel very lucky to be living in a time where we have electricity and inventions that make our lives easier. I don’t think I would enjoy washing all of my clothes by hand or using one of the manual washing machines, I prefer to let my washing machine to do all of the work for me!

    Keep up the great mahi!

    Blog ya later,

  2. Same it's great having electricity in our country just to make things easier for us human beings.