Friday, August 17, 2018


“On your marks, get set, GO !” Whaea Rosina shut those blocks together like a machine with
hands clapping. I jogged all the way up to the trees then I just shut down automatically.
Walking off Kohl-lee, Kiarra and Charlie were jogging in front while Neko and Rangi were
behind me.

As soon I got to the hill I sprinted off and by the time I got their I failed once again to beat
Kohl-lee and her crew. In my mind I was saying
”Come on you can lose you can lose this stupid race and get back”
When I came down the hill and started jogging I sprinted off leaving Neko behind.
Whaea Gaylene was cheering for me but I didn’t bother I just keep going.

As I was coming up to everyone they were cheering
Then I just jogging again Whaea Rosina had said to me if I wanted to do another lap
and I said ok so I slow jogged towards the trees until something hit me “AHHH shit that hurts Ahhh”
I had a stitch on the right side of my stomach. I was in pain through the whole way through the
second lap.

But as I was walking taking in deep deep breaths and breathing all out the pain
started to go and that’s when I had the speed to boost it straight up the hill.
And walk all the way down. Then I came up to Whaea Gaylene once again but I didn’t try at all
I was only taking my time. Then when I was almost finished I acted like I had a stitch then
jogged past.

Finally we were heading back to school I drunk my water bottle dry and the water
fountains had long as lines waiting or more like hurrying because their are some who
take their time and their are some who hurry them along. When I got home I played and went
into the shower and hopped into bed. THE END !

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