Friday, February 23, 2018

My Adventure

WALT: Plan and write a recount based on”taking flight” animation
Sequence of events
After That
In conclusion

One day there was a kid in a car driving with his father, his father was driving his son to his grandfather's place. He felt sad as they parked up at his grandfather’s garage, because his father needed to go to work. “Sorry we couldn’t play today” his dad said ”you said that yesterday” as the kid whispered to himself. Then his father got in the car and drove off to work, his grandfather picked him up and said”here wait here” then him and his stuffed toy sat on the box and laid down.

As he laid down he saw a photo of his grandfather pulling him in the red wagon, he tried to reach the photo but everything fell down and the helmet rolled in front of the lawn mower.. His grandfather saw the helmet in front of the mower.He ran and it looked like he almost had a heart attack “We haven’t used it for a long time, should we take it for spin” so he put on his helmet and jumped in the wagon, his grandfather had already put his helmet on. He said”keep arms and legs in at all times”.

After that his grandfather pulled the wagon down the street pretending that they were on a adventure. They were imagining that they were in a jungle at first, running away from monkeys then they went up a hill and landed in the water and hopped in a boat and sailed downstream of a river. Once they were going downstream they headed right towards a waterfall and his stuffed toy moved up onto his shoulder. Then they went straight down and they shot out into the sky in a plane.

They did a loop in the sky as they did that he had dropped his stuffed toy and cought it as they did a loop, after doing all that they had ran out of gas and jumped off and pulled the strap to their parachute. Later on they had landed on the ground again. As they were talking there was a alien invasion that came from outer space. They finally they were on the moon and got in a spaceship and shot out through space and had to face a gigantic alien spaceship.

After that adventure his father had come to pick him up. He saw a mess his son was dirty holding a hose his grandfather was dirty holding the stuffed toy tony’s father said ”you both look filthy”. Then he saw the wagon where he remembered when he was a young boy like his son. Then they went in outer space and didn’t come back. The End

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