Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Uncles Funeral

I am learning to punctuate dialogue .
I am still learning how to do this but I am good at putting commas in the right place and where to put them.

Thursday 2nd February 2017
My uncles funeral
On a sad sad day we were going to Auckland to go to my uncle's funeral. First we were playing a game of monopoly my brothers and I until uncle Richard came in the door and said, “there is bad news Charlie had a heart attack when he was going back to Australia” he said. “Oh no that’s so sad !“ Next we were leaving to Auckland we went to Whangaparaoa that’s where my aunt lives.

We were going down that way but we were going to the faithful funeral services. Some of our cousins, aunty’s and uncles were all there to see him, we were waiting outside for everyone to come when everyone was here we walked in to see him for the last time in his coffin.
Some people were crying, Then after that we all were going outside again. We were going to wait until the next day for him to go. So everyone left that was so sad to see him like that. So we looked for a hotel to sleep in. One of my mum’s cousin’s said there was one down the road and my said Ok’ so we followed ahead and went to the hotel.

I was so excited because I’ve always wanted to come to the hotel. When we first got there my aunty paid for the rooms for us to stay in for a day. It was white as pages in a book. After that we put our bags and other things in the room the bed was so soft and comfortable Chace and I jumped on the bed and watch tv.

When it was night time we turned the tv off and went to bed, I was so tired of watching tv. In the morning my mum woke up and had a shower and I went for a shower in my uncle’s room. After when everyone had a shower we packed our stuff and drove back to the funeral services to watch my uncle go after everything is done we all left and went back home to rest and all forgiven our uncle.

I felt exhausted when we came back home but it was still sad because how our uncle can get all that stuff for us. Rest in peace.

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