Friday, December 2, 2016

Endangered panthers should we kill them or not ?

We have been learning about endangered animals and to explain what they can do, where do they live and why are people killing them.

To be successful I will:

Start with an introduction that has
  • Background information (hooking reading)
  • End with a focus question

Paragraphs that explain they will have
  • Lead sentences or subheadings to focus my ideas
  • Technical language
  • Sequencing words such as firstly,  because, so,as a result, another reason, in summary

Conclusion that links back to the focus question

Paragraph 1 About humans busting their habitats.
Paragraph 2  Why are people killing black jaguars
Paragraph 3 How can we stop people from killing black jaguars

What do I want to explain?
Do you like black jaguars because I do but did you know that they are endangered species.
Terrifying, powerful and fast. These are some words to describe the black jaguar, Black Jaguars are one of the most powerful cats in the world.
Why are black jaguars an endangered species?
Image result for black jaguar
Humans are busting their habitats so they live in the wild with no food they mostly live in lowlands, tropical areas, near warm water and in heavily wooded savannas or forest. The panther will eat mammals. Such as birds, large reptiles and fish.  

   Habitat Loss

A habitat is an animal's natural home. There will be not that much food and they live around warm places like the savannas, in the forest and swamps. Humans bust their habitats down because they want to build houses and other stuff.  When this happens the black jaguar can’t hunt when there is no food or habitats so the black Jaguar will die.

Why are humans killing black jaguars

Because people prize them for their unique rosette-spotted coats so they can sell them. They also kill them because farmers want to protect their cattle.

How can we stop people from killing black jaguars

Well, my advice on how we should stop people from killing them is by taking them somewhere else so they don’t harm other people and that they can live in their own place well everybody else can do their jobs instead of going to run around to go shooting or stuff like that we can just live nice and peacefully.
In summary,black jaguars are endangered because of their habitat loss and their threats towards humans.

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